reddit aliens in your office, watching you code

The FogCreek offices in NY have a bit of an infestation problem. The kind that bobbles.

After an interview Steve and I did on the StackOverflow podcast, I decided the FogCreek offices needed a box of happy aliens to combat the economic madness happening down on Wall St.

Hopefully they'll improve productivity, like Dundies, or at least tossed off the side of their building.

I've seen evidence of a LOLmagnetz plague on their office fridge as well... I think the aliens are in good hands.

reddit hires a trouble-making rogue

I announced it on the reddit blog but ReadWriteWeb trumpeted our newest hire with panache:
Here's a hot hire we missed last week - another community manager position - this time at social news site Reddit. Erik Martin, by all accounts a trouble-making rogue, has joined the Reddit staff to assist the many users of the site.
Erik still doesn't have an alien avatar, so I really ought to be working on that instead of blog entries.

Read about his alien abduction on his blog.

startup insights from dharmesh shah - in video!

Couldn't make it to Business of Software 2008? Not only did you miss Pierre Francois, you also missed a presentation with actual substance (and great style) given by Dharmesh Shah of OnStartups. is a big fan.

Don't fret! You can view it below, which you really should do if you have any interest in startups or penguins:

I lied, there are no penguins in his talk, but now that you've watched it, I don't think you're complaining.

yes we did

I remember when he first announced his candidacy -- didn't think I'd actually see the day he'd become President of the United States. Wtg, America.

we pay joel and jeff a visit on the stackoverflow podcast

Steve and I skyped into a podcast with Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood last week to discuss all things reddit. Stop reading and start listening here. We had some technical difficulties, so there were a couple redos, but the finished version sounds pretty solid. You'll never know when I went on my 3 minute stream of profanities.

I promised the guys a newer, hipper StackOverflow mascot (great site, btw) and I'm finally delivering:

Enjoy, gentlemen. StackOverflow will never be the same.