photography reddit gets a shout-out

Here's a community I could learn quite a bit from. I wish I could be an active participant in the photography reddit community, but I'm a total camera n00b. That said, one active redditor took the time to write up the site on the GiiNii blog.
If you have never visited Reddit, you don’t know what you’re missing. Reddit is a great (the best, in my opinion) social media site. Users from all over the world go to Reddit to submit links to interesting Web sites they find. And now, Reddit has a photography page.

Called a subreddit, the Photography page allows users to post interesting pictures, tricks and tutorials. It’s a great community with lots of discussion about cameras and photography in general.
Want an easy way to get quoted on my blog? Say incredibly flattering things about reddit. It's easy!

That said, I actually just found a slick (free!) auto image stitcher thanks to this reddit. Huzzah!

<3 gossip? there's a new reddit in town, in heels

Last Thursday we announced our most radical reddit redesign yet: WeHeartGossip.

Dear readers, you'll find that this community is perfect for all of your shameful brain-indulgences. And by that I mean it's full of celebrity gossip; in case the name didn't give it away.

You may notice a few ads around the CondéNet empire for it, but I also designed one specifically for the reddit community. I wonder if advertising can have the same effect as peer pressure...

After flipping the switch, I was asked by Brent Csutoras about why we're moving away from Lipstick (a site we developed back in 2006) and to a new, slightly more pink gossip site.

My response:
“We thought the lipstick brand was too geared toward women and men who wear lipstick. As a man who doesn’t wear lipstick, but is curious about Natalie Portman’s dating habits, I personally wanted a site that was less pigeonholing.

The important thing for us was to create a new vertical that was totally unrelated to the existing Reddit network. Celebrity gossip was about as unrelated as we could get, as you pointed out by the low subscription count.

The goal with WeHeartGossip is to create a standalone site; subscription count isn’t a focus, traffic is. That, and Devendra Banhart — I can’t believe Nat is dating him…"
Nat, I know you're reading this. All I'm asking for is a second chance. I'll leave my lightsaber at home. I promise.

philosophy reddit is taking utah state by storm

I stumbled across a blog entry on the Utah State University Philosophy Departments website that reviewed our philosophy reddit community. Now I feel like I ought to design a custom logo for them, but Rodin's Thinker just seemed too cliche.

One quote that philosophy reddit submitter irony was most accurate:
Many of the regular users are really quite sharp, and they do not suffer fools gladly!
With some luck, a few new people interested in philosophy discovered reddit as a result. Thought, it may come back to haunt them around finals once they learn what it does to productivity...

the sociability of reddit - and why the vegan reddit doesn't jibe with bacon reddit

Here's an interesting post by zgiltner from a Human-Computer Interaction blog on the Sociability of reddit.

My favorite part of the analysis is below -- the observer rightly addresses the striking differences between communities.

There are many different subreddits which coordinate the where people may look for certain subjects. In the screenshot I posted the article was submitted in the politics subreddit. The entire culture of commentors varies vastly from the “bacon” subreddit to the “vegan” subreddit. This allows users to narrow down their conversations. Users have been known to post other articles related to the discussion of the conversation, allowing further research on whatever topic and continuing conversation can happen.

pierre francois strikes back - how to start, run, and sell a web 2.0 startup

My secret weapon in the Pecha Kucha competition of the Business of Software Conference was to purge my presentation of any useful content and then fill that void with creamy nougat.

The result was Pierre Francois' second talk on Web 2.0 startups. He's recently started a company of his own, called 74 Signals. The guru is back, folks.

Neil Davidson kindly edited and uploaded the video. Keep an eye open for the Mister Splashy Pants shoutout.