Nas On Marvin Gaye's Marriage, Parenting And @RapGenius - @NPR

There's a whole website that I know you're aware of which is all about parsing hip-hop lyrics, and do you ever go on there and see how people interpret what you've written?

I think we're talking about Rap Genius. Yeah, I go on there and it's cool because it's a website that's just totally about lyrics and that is something that's real cool for kids all over. I went on there to see how people are interpreting the stuff I'm saying. People give me a better understanding on things that I said, or a different way to look at it. I'm glad that website exists so I can correct them about things because it helps them understand exactly what I mean.


Impressive. Someone tell Jay...

Why Did @reddit Succeed Where digg Failed? @TechReview interviews spez

Reddit cofounder Steve Huffman believes users were never that loyal to Digg in particular, though. "What we always used to say to make ourselves feel better when we were smaller than Digg was, 'Every Reddit user knows about Digg but uses Reddit instead. But not every Digg user knows about Reddit,' " says Huffman, who left Reddit in 2009 and went on to cofound the travel site Hipmunk.

Huffman and others don't think Reddit killed Digg, but he acknowledges that Reddit didn't help. "[Former Digg users] just happened to go to Reddit, which made my day, but I think they were leaving Digg, period," he says.

Truth. And if you wanna see what I think are the big reasons why reddit triumphed - here's my post from a little while back (it still holds true!)

Jeremy Lin on leaving @NYKnicks for Houston Rockets @SInow

"A year ago, I was just trying to stay alive and fight day by day, just to be on a roster," said Lin, who famously slept on couches upon his arrival in New York. "What I have now is way more than I ever would have dreamed of, and way more than I need."

What he doesn't have, though -- and what he deeply misses about those magical two months, back when he was atop the sports world -- is something that can't be bought, and likely can't be replicated elsewhere, again.

"I love the New York fans to death," Lin said. "That's the biggest reason why I wanted to return to New York. The way they embraced me, the way they supported us this past season, was better than anything I've ever seen or experienced. I'll go to my grave saying that. What New York did for me was unbelievable. I wanted to play in front of those fans for the rest of my career."

And thus I, with a heavy heart, become a Brooklyn Nets fan....

East-side likes Tupac more than West-side, @vidyard analytics reveal

You’d expect to see views, and you can. But you’ll also get a detailed readout of everywhere that your video’s been embedded. You’ll see, in real-time, who’s watching your video and from where. As an interesting aside, when we shared the video of the Tupac Shakur hologram, the West-coast famous rapper got considerably more views from the East coast.

Screen Shot 2012 07 17 at 5.31.33 PM 520x244 Vidyards powerful, professional video hosting gets huge new features, including YouTube syndication

This is just one example of the analytics drilldown that you can do with Vidyard. Not just countries, not just areas, but actual cities. For us, when trying to judge what content is popular in which area, it’s positively invaluable.

Now where's my Biggie hologram?

"What Reddit and Hipmunk's Alexis Ohanian Gets About How The Internet Really Works" @Forbes

This set of videos, part of THNKR’s Epiphany series, should be required watching for anyone who wants to understand the differences between online and offline business and culture. Shot and edited in a very intimate manner, you end up feeling like you just spent 20 minutes with Ohanian. Great guy, learned a lot, time well spent.

Wow! Thank you, Anthony. And a big thank you to the team over at THNKR for having me on this fabulous series.