For Tech Start-Ups, #NYC Has Increasing Allure - @TutorSpree @Shoptiques in @NYTimes

Aaron Harris moved his company, TutorSpree, from Silicon Valley to New York last year. He said he was so concerned about finding engineers that he held open the possibility of moving back to Mountain View, Calif., where he had participated in the prestigious incubator program at Y Combinator. But Mr. Harris found that he did not have to rely on hiring New York-based engineers. Instead, he found them elsewhere and convinced them to move.

The woes of the financial industry have also benefited New York’s tech start-ups, which have been able to poach some engineering talent. But Mr. Harris, who worked for a hedge fund before starting TutorSpree, is skeptical that this will continue once the tech industry goes through its next downturn.

“We’re seeing résumés from people in finance all the time, and that’s awesome,” he said.

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Looks like @AdWeek is jumping on the @reddit IAMA bandwagon

Given Reddit’s demographics, and its audience’s vocal nature, it is not unthinkable to see AMAs play a role in the upcoming elections. Numerous lawmakers have come on the site to answer thoughtful questions candidly, and the Reddit community is constantly lobbying for an AMA with President Obama. Both the Obama and Romney camps have been tight-lipped about their digital strategies, but there’s no question it could be an important venue. Insiders say that both campaigns have been targeted.

“Every politician right now is trying to figure out what is the next big thing and they want to be on it. Being on this platform and being the first mover is a huge advantage for these candidates,” said Kuhn. “We’ll see if either camp is brave enough to take the leap.”

There's room for everyone -- including presidential candidates!

Huzzah! @WordPress, @Reddit, Others Join New "Internet Defense League" @lizgannes

In the hope that the online enthusiasm and organizing that helped fend off anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA in the U.S. Congress this year can be captured and redeployed, online activists are now founding an “Internet Defense League.”

Members sign up to receive code they can choose to include on their sites to alert visitors about a perceived threat to Internet freedom from legislation or elsewhere.

The Internet Defense League already has onboard sites that can motivate the online masses: WordPress, Imgur, Reddit, Cheezburger Network, Public Knowledge, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark have signed up.

A more formal launch is planned in two weeks when Congress returns to session, according to Tiffiniy Cheng of Fight for the Future, which put the League together along with Reddit co-founder and de facto spokesperson for the Internet Alexis Ohanian.

The League alerts are meant to be like an emergency broadcast system — or a “bat signal” for the Internet — cuing activist sites to swoop in and save someone in distress like Batman would.

Stay tuned for the formal announcement!

Tech Giants and Public Schools Embrace Vo-Tech (Yes, please!) @FastCompany #nyc

Excited students bubble into the basement cafeteria of a Brooklyn, New York, high school, both sexes favoring thick-framed geek-chic glasses--fitting for a school in which geek is very chic. The kids have gathered this Friday morning for a competition: They must design drinking-straw "rockets" that can traverse a fishing line using only balloons for propulsion. But the jerry-rigged shuttles aren't the only models being evaluated. The school itself is an experiment, one intended to prepare average urban students for entry-level tech jobs. If the rockets work out, the winning team will get iTunes gift cards. If the school succeeds, it could help fill 14 million science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs over the next decade.

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The @breadpig says Thank You along with @garyvee (and origami!)

When Gary asked us to include something with his Thank You Economy box, we were happy to oblige! We included some origami paper along with instructions for how to make an origami breadpig -- with coupon code for all of our products!

Thank you for all the support, breadpig legion, we've donated nearly $200,000 in profits so far!

Check out one of the first kits tweeted by one of our legionnaires!

And here's the original art by the fabulous Hadley Rouse!

Internet Defense League introduces 'cat signal' for websites @LAtimes @fightfortheftr

For now, the sign that you are needed will look like the bat signal the people of Gotham used to summon Batman, but with a cute cat face. They call it the "cat signal."

Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder of Fight for the Future who is spearheading the project, said WordPress, Reddit and the Cheeseburger network have already signed up to be part of the league and that Wikipedia -- the largest website to take part in the anti-SOPA protest -- is also considering membership.

"With the current sites signed up we have a combined reach of tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people," Cheng said. "We are taking the network and tactics of the SOPA fight that we created and turning it into a permanent force."

As for why the signal for Internet action is a cat, Cheng said it has to do with Ethan Zuckerman's cute cat theory of digital activism, which posits that the same tools that help people share cute cat photos can also be used for online activism.

Go team internet!

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian And Activists Aim To Build A 'Bat-Signal (Cat-Signal?) For The Internet'

[On our elected officials] “They’re like tech support, or customer service. It’s like calling Comcast,” says Ohanian. “They work for us, and we should have their number in our phones and be able to call them when something is upsetting us. Why not? Even something as basic as that brings home a point that SOPA and PIPA proved: That still, in the face of how everything else that’s screwed up in Washington, we the American people can fix things.”

Thanks to @BenHuh for this idea -- we should all have our congresspeople on speed-dial.

Join the Internet Defense League here!