Quartzy Scores $1.2M To Help Life Scientists Stay Organized (@harjeet in @WSJ)

A Y Combinator partner, Harjeet Taggar, says Quartzy was the first life sciences start-up to be accepted into the incubator. While the concept of Quartzy may seem niche, compared to some of the broadly appealing consumer brands that launched at Y Combinator, such as travel brands Hipmunk and Airbnb, Taggar explains: “When we see founders who are working on some problem that they know about, it excites us. Every huge opportunity started as something that may have seemed smaller to begin with, even Microsoft.”

Graduating high school to CEO in Silicon Valley (feat. @minomonsters) #proudinvestor

Josh Buckley, chief executive of an online gaming start-up, is looking forward to next month's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, particularly for the parties and the accompanying schmoozing with industry A-listers.

There's one problem: Buckley, who will turn 20 this week on February 22, may be turned away from many of the parties because he is not old enough to drink. His fake ID was recently confiscated, and the two new ones he ordered from a company in China have not yet arrived.

Ladies & Gents, @ZachWeiner. SMBC author comes to CMU

His ability to connect to the audience had less to do with the subject matter of his comics and works, and more to do with his genuine persona. “He was just a very cool guy,” said Karl DeStefano, a sophomore physics major. “He was very nice. Before the show he was doing drawings and talking to people.” In many ways, Weiner could have been a student at Carnegie Mellon. He was very attuned, both in appearance and speech, to the populace of the university.

Oh, and did I mention that I publish him?! See for yourself.