Photographic proof that I spoke at the United Nations (and that I've worn a suit) [and that @ZachWeiner's art was on the bigscreens]

I got to speak in the United Nations General Assembly hall a little while back, which gave me a great platform to unveil a Scumbag Kaddafi that Christina of breadpig helped me create. And yes, these are the real slides I actually projected on giant screens in the General Assembly hall. The decorum of that esteemed room may never be restored. 

Although there's no video yet, Soraya Fouladi sent me some awesome photos she took. Thanks so much for proving that I was in fact speaking there to all of you awesome UNIS-UN students -- you're an exceptionally inspiring group. Soraya's photos also prove that I am in fact capable of wearing a suit.

Hope to see you at NYU's Annual Entrepreneurs' Summit today (I'm on Panel 4 - will bring @thehipmunk luggage tags)

Panel 4 - Start Up ABCs: The Art of Closing Sales
Moderator: Professor Michelle Greenwald
You have a great product and plan for making money. Now you need to sell. Our panelists will discuss the fundamentals of selling in the early stages of a company.

Thanks to the NYU Stern folks for having me. I was a bit of a late addition, but I promised I'd bring nice things to hand out to people in the audience.

How Hipmunk Learned to Respect Its Users (peep this interview Adam & I did with

He could have been studying, but instead, in a University of Virginia college library in 2005, Alexis Ohanian plotted out an idea for a user-ranked news site. "I thought: People should say at parties, 'I read it on Reddit.'" Today he jokes, "To the best of my knowledge, that has never really happened." But the news links site he created today is a hallmark of social aggregation. When he and co-founder Steve Huffman left the company in early 2010, they took with them lessons learned from managing a large, amorphous audience they'd empowered to rate the news to populate the site's homepage. With that, they created Y Combinator-backed Hipmunk, a radically simplified travel search site. This year, Hipmunk was a darling of the South by Southwest Interactive festival, taking top honors for the SXSW Accelerator's Innovative Web Technologies competition. Ohanian, along with Hipmunk co-founder Adam Goldstein, talked with's Christine Lagorio about the lessons they took from Reddit in founding Hipmunk—why simple design, cute mascots, and massive amounts of user-respect drive their success.

Woohoo! Thanks, Christine (@lagorio). OK, now back to trying to make the world suck less...