Good heavens! What am I doing next to Conan O'Brien?

WME (the wonderful agency that represents me) put up their new site featuring all their speakers. And thanks to some fortunate spelling, I'm positioned beside the great Conan. I can imagine the conference organizer thinking, "Oh look! Conan! Yes, we want him to come speak to us about anything. And, who's that guy next to him? Breadpig? WTF? Oooo, Rachael Ray!"

I'm also below Bret Michaels, which is its own kind of humbling. Redesigned!

I spotted Daren Martinez on /r/ForHire offering his webdesign services to bring in some extra cash for his daughter's first birthday and realized it was time to finally refresh this blog. I'm pretty thrilled with the new look he came up with. What do you think?

Oh, and you oughta bookmark his work-in-progress website,, because I'm sure something cool is going to be there soon. But for now, there's a nifty animated .gif you'll hopefully recognize.