#ProudInvestor - @VHXtv Raises $1.25 Million to Democratize Video Distribution Online

Early last year, longtime collaborators Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson launched VHX.tv, a site for discovering cool new videos online and sharing them with friends. But lately the two have been working on a whole different side of the video distribution business, providing a platform that helps independent artists to connect directly with fans and sell them content.

The result has been the release of a couple of high-profile videos that VHX powered: The first was Aziz Ansari’s comedy special Dangerously Delicious, which was sold for $5 directly on the comedian’s website. VHX followed that up with the online release of Indie Game: The Movie, which was made available for $9.99.

It's getting better and better to be an artist in the internet-age. May VHX.tv continue to treat artists and their fans with mutual respect and build a great business in the process that keeps more great entertainment flowing into our eyeballs.

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