reddit could've been called "hotlex" or "voxaloo"

I found these gems in an email I sent to Steve back on April 22, 2005. These are just a few of the names we tossed around before I discovered "" -- good thing I did....

More stories from the early days of reddit can be found in my WSJ bestseller, Without Their Permission.

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Very cool .. wondering how catchy the names "hotlex" or "voxaloo" might have been.. could have been a real winner!
Excuse me but when I would find your book on Kindle? I'm writing you from South America and it is *very* difficult to find physical books like this. I wrote you also on twitter, but I'm sure you receive too many tweets so I understand. Thanks in advance!
Maybe you can order via or via VPN? Sorry it's such a pain! -- @AlexisOhanian
What was your runner up to reddit? Is it on the list? I like ripered.
So I assume you were just looking for an odd name people could remember. Do you suggest this plan over a word that people can relate to or tie to a specific idea?
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