Redditors really need to watch tonight's episode of Colbert (I got to ask your top-voted question during pre-show Q&A)

As requested by the reddit hivemind, I introduced myself and asked this top-voted question:

"Mr. Colbert, when will you be holding the Restoring Truthiness rally?"

He replied that he didn't know anything about Glen Beck's rally, or the groundswell of online support for a "Truthiness" rally. (Just watch the show, trust me).

Then he asked if I was really a reddit co-founder. Stephen then noted that we were alienating the rest of the non-nerd audience, but went on to ask why the digg vs. reddit competition was such a big deal.

Stephen Colbert confessed that he never visited digg, so he had no idea what that was all about.

I even got to meet a few redditors in the audience with me (always awesome). But Stephen Colbert has once again outdone himself. Thank you, Stephen. I have a feeling reddit will respond very well to this...