Retiring my old Pizza Hut uniform

Fare thee well, old friend. I started as a dishwasher on my first day, but ended up a cook by the end of the night. Two years into Pizza Hut, I was a pretty good waiter, even briefly considering putting off college to serve professionally in NY (what a decision that would've been...)

It was definitely one of the most useful jobs I had growing up; I benefit from lessons learned there almost every day.

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Working at Pizza Hut taught me things too. 1) You can't depend on anyone but yourself. 2) Poor people mostly suck and there's generally a reason they're poor -- they're usually both stupid and lazy and there's just no getting around being both of those things. 3) Outlasting five managers doesn't necessarily mean the company values you enough to give you decent raises. 4) Teenagers are fucking assholes. 5) Pizza Hut girls are easy.
I drove for Pizza Hut in Norfolk '96 for a year.