r/IAmA did best interview of PSY yet - @LATimes reports

For starters, even though he's been a pop star in South Korea for more than a decade, he's pretty overwhelmed by his international fame. When asked how his family and friends reacted to his sudden superstardom outside of South Korea he wrote, "They are normal people so they freaked out because it's way too fast and way too far. Even I myself get freaked out a bit. We were not ready for this."

Psy said he knew he had a catchy song on his hands with "Gangnam Style" but didn't expect it to go international.

When asked what is the weirdest thing he's ever seen a fan do, he responded, "I feel weird about all the fans because they are so worldwide. I cannot really believe it yet."

Psy also told the Reddit community that Psy is short for psycho, that he started playing clarinet at age 8, and that he also plays the drums. I was surprised to learn that his favorite clarinet solo is the theme of the movie "Dying Young" by Kenny G.  His idol is Freddie Mercury. And one thing he wishes more people knew about him is that he writes all his music himself.

Also, if you thought "Gagnam Style" was a serious social critique of Gangnam, the wealthy neighborhood in Seoul, think again. Psy said the song is just "FUN."

Throughout the AMA he showed his funny side, sometimes using words we can't print here.

When someone asked why he always looks so serious when he's dancing he said, "Because I am serious about my dancing."

And when another fan asked if he could come hang out with pop star in Seoul, his response was, "Call me maybe."

I love this guy so much. So happy to live in a connected world where a K-Pop star can take over the world thanks to YouTube.