#Sandy, don't get in the way of one of my founders, @OlgaVidisheva

Olga Vidisheva, the founder of Shoptiques, lives about two blocks from the fashion e-commerce site's swank new offices in SoHo, but couldn't work there today.

"That part of town is completely shut down with no electricity, Internet, or power," Vidisheva said via an email exchange. So the twentysomething founder of the fashion e-commerce website hoofed it uptown 40 blocks to the home of her operations director, who lives in the Theater District near Times Square, where the two women were expecting other staffers to also converge.

"We're now reunited and working away," Vidisheva explained via email. "We have some big news this week, so need to work 24/7. I also have people in Australia and France, who are luckily not affected, so we're able to move forward full speed."

... or the rest of my 8 million + fellow New Yorkers and beyond!