SF/SPCA Hearts LOLmagnetz and @breadpig (feeling is mutual)

You can has magnetz

LOLCats r funny n cute. Wif dis LOLMagnetz set, makin ur own lolcats iz vry easy. Just git piccur ov teh cat (or othr animal ov ur choosin) an use teh magnetz 2 build teh capshun rite on ur refrigerator. Cuz they r magnets, they will also hold teh picchur ur capshunin. Iz amazin; iz miracle; iz LOLMagnetz.

LOLmagnetz logo

Translation: LOLCats are funny and cute. And with this LOLMagnetz set, making your own LOLCats is very easy. Just get a picture of the Cat (or other animal of your choosing) and use the Magnetz to build the caption right on your refrigerator. Because they are magnets, they will also hold the picture they are captioning. It's amazing; it's a miracle; it's LOLMagnetz.

When you make a purchase of LoLmagnetz, you’re helping homeless dogs and cats in need. For every box purchased, Breadpig, creator and comic genius behind these fantastic fun pieces, will donate a portion of the proceeds to the SFSPCA.


LOLmagnetz were our first huge Breadpig success. To date, we've donated $45,000 in profits to help dogs & cats in the SF Bay Area find homes. We love the work they're doing.

If your life (or someone else's) wouldn't be complete without LOLmagnetz, pick them up from our store or from our fine friends at ThinkGeek!