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I bet Colbert's coffee tastes like freedom.
Reddit > Digg.
Speechless. This is SO. BAD. ASS.
@GrandpaWiggly As only Colbert's coffee can!

@raymiyagi I'm going to need to see the data behind this equation, but it looks good so far ;)

@Jim And I've got the soiled pants to prove it!

I know this wont be published but I've got to ask, what medication were you on while delivering the TED talk. Even if it was high on life I can understand.
No medication, just really *really* tight time constraints and a lot I'd planned to say. I only had 3minutes and TED is notorious for keeping people to their assigned times (and cutting them off if necessary). Fortunately, I guess my talk went well enough that they gave me an extra minute or so.

After all my rehearsals, I'd finally gotten it within 3minutes, but hadn't accounted for laughter delays :-/

TED is a wonderful achievement, and always worth lending a ear towards. Congrats on this accomplishment.
I want that mug.
your site said to use this
not to shabby :>
I suppose a Reddit top 10Q (with bonus video) AMA is in order?
You should try to make reddit suck less by making this URL work again:


@Mayur That's our hope :) We're working on it.

@The Dude Dean I'm so pleased to hear you've continued to visit reddit after the community shamed you liked that. I've since left reddit, but if you pleaded your case to the team and swear off your SEO/socialmedia-gaming ways, it could work.

First off, I didn't find this link on reddit, I found it on Digg. Let me be perfectly clear; I wouldn't ever visit, vote on, or retweet any content from any conde nast site. Instead of Front Paging Ars or Wired on Mixx or Digg, I do stuff from your competitors. Thank you for confirming I was Ghost Banned only for being good at Digg. I never posted my blog or self submitted over on the reddit community.

And you do realize reddit is no different than Digg, in that a reddit power user puts the content on your FP just like a digg power user does it in Digg. Would you tell your users, "Post on Reddit but don't go for the Front Page or be successful at all?" That just doesn't make sense at all.

I think I'm going to have quote you on that from now on. Reddit fears me. Rich.

I thought reddit was about being different than Digg, but its the same shit. You fear any sort of power user or anyone with more influence than you have, just like Kevin Rose does. And you take pride in having a community of cyber stalkers and trolls? But I will give you a little more credit than Kevin Rose. At least you openly value trolls.


By all means quote me (just please don't quote me on things I never wrote/said).

I really hope you can find some peace in your life as you sound awfully angry.

For the uninitiated, here's the incident we're referring to.

Not angry at all, I am happily pointing out your hypocrisy.

Besides I'm too good for reddit. Reddit is like Digg on the easy Algo settings. I like a challenge boy.

This is what I get for feeding trolls... well, best of luck, Dean.
Yet its A-OK for your so called "users" to troll me? You should start another site called hypocrisy. You and Kevin can try to out douchelord one another one it.
Besides I wouldn't brag about a 160 vote hit when 40-50,000 people clicked on the link. Its sad that didn't get 10,000 votes. Seems to me you have the many of the same problems that Digg does.
Chuck, I'm not too good for Reddit. If anything The Reddit Douches take it too seriously. I never posted anything against Reddit TOS over on Reddit. I was only banned because I was good at Digg.

On a side note Alexis, check out my twitter background. You might just piss yourself.

Thank you, chuck3r! And don't sweat, Dean -- haters gon' hate ;)
and Hypocritical Douchelords are still going to be Hypocritical Douchelords.
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