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Although I did appreciate the topics discussed during your MSNBC interview on internet privacy, you were cheated out of promoting your book. Thankfully, I started following you on Twitter or I never would have been privileged to read such good material. I am more inspired now to start a non-profit then I have been just mentoring underprivileged children. Keep sharing your knowledge. You're grand!
Thanks, Christine!! At least one person was convinced by that broadcast to buy the book, though :) http://withouttheirpermission.com/post/64115143...
Alexis, Just want to say that I just finished watching the Google talk you gave last week and I loved it. Being as aversive as I am to social media, I didn't even know who you were before I watched the talk (I had heard about reddit but since I don't understand Facebook or Twitter, I never bothered with it :D). I have lots of agreement with what you had to say, including the powerful ability of the internet to be used both for good and bad things. I am strongly anti preemptive censorship of any kind but I do believe that there should be mechanisms to punish, always AFTER the fact, those who engage in despicable behavior. In fact, that is no different from the stalking laws that exist in many states when bullying is done through phone calls for instance. Or, in the case of traditional media, libel laws that punish newspapers or TV stations if the engage in the same. That doesn't prevent preemptively newspapers from engaging in libel if they wish to, but there are consequences if they do. The internet should not be immune to this type of punishment. Good talk overall.
Regarding reasonable expectations of online privacy, I wonder how you reconcile what you said here against your statements in an earlier interview, in which you blamed the victims of redditors’ stalking and harassment for letting redditors invade their privacy: “Your kids need to know that any time they take an image and put it in a digital format… they should assume that it is now public content… That’s the useful thing I think CNN could have reported on, instead of making up a bunch of jibber-jabber about reddit.” http://youtu.be/OXZYvrue1BE?t=2m31s Has your view changed on this? Do you still disagree with the popular perception of reddit’s culture as being deeply hostile to girls and women?
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