The Diamond Formation: Making sure your side wins the sound-byte battle

I recently rediscovered an old email I received from a pal that I thought merited sharing.  It has nothing to do with my Kiva fellowship or Armenia, but might come in handy the next time you're at a protest or public speaking event.  I left it anonymous just because people like a little mystery in their lives (if you'd like me to credit you, anonymous person, let me know and I'd be happy to):
From my days as a College Republican, I bring you.... The Diamond Formation.
  • Find 8 or more people
  • Place one front and center
  • Place another at the back and in the center
  • Place the remaining throughout the sitting area to create a diamond shape... so two behind the front man, slightly out towards the edges... two more behind them, further out... then two more behind them, slightly back in towards the center... and so on.
  • Tell the person upfront to clap or boo at appropriate times
  • Tell every other person to mimic the person in the row closest to and in front of them.
Now, whenever the front person claps, it will appear to most as though people all over the room are clapping - so almost everyone else will, too!  Sound bites will rule the day, good or not.

I haven't gotten the chance to try this out yet - please report back to me if you've had success with the Diamond Formation.