The Gays Love! Well, Homorazzi does at least

Orbitz sucks, Edreams sucks, Expedia sucks, Kayak sucks. Introducing the future of internet flight search:!

Besides being cuter than a bag of puppies, Hipmunk is incredibly functional for the average user. (Here’s where I brag again about living in Europe, being able to travel all the time): I’m fed up with the other options for online flight booking. They either leave out the taxes, or present the data in an unreadable manner, or bombard you with ads for crap you’re not looking for. Sometimes I don’t need a hotel, AND a car AND restaurant suggestions, or whatever revenue stream the site has signed up with. Sometimes I know where I’m going, when I want to get there, and I just want to see my best options. That’s why I’m thankful I found Hipmunk.


Sort flights by various criteria such as price, number of stops, departure time, and something hilariously called “agony”

We love all the great press we've been getting. Thanks for keeping the hipmunk love parade going, Topher. All of you who've ever written/tweeted/talked about are doing us a huge favor. For that we're grateful.