The Next 2 Days Are Very Important for the Open Internet


I'm nervous, but also excited. Mostly excited, but still a bit nervous. The next two days are going to be big.

New Yorkers: Teachout Wu FTW!

If you're a New Yorker, or know one, please vote (or tell them to vote) in today's primary for governor and lieutenant governor -- and vote for Teachout + Wu. I formally endorsed them yesterday at an event where they unveiled their tech policy for New York State. It made me so happy to see people who actually understood these technology issues (as I said, "Wu is an O.G. of the open internet") and cared so deeply about serving New Yorkers.

This is the first time I've ever endorsed a candidate. I'm going to be dancing all the way to the polls today. 

Internet Slowdown Day is tomorrow

There hasn't been an internet-wide protest like this since SOPA/PIPA and the internet needs your help to survive. I published an op-ed on The Verge about this very subject. 

All of your favorite websites are going to be very slow tomorrow to make sure the FCC realizes the fate of the open internet is in their hands as they have a chance to reclassify broadband as Title II (the public utility we all know it to be) and put an end to what John Oliver aptly described as "Cable Company Fuckery."

Please spread the word about Internet Slowdown Day and demand an end to "fast lanes." There's still time left to file a comment with the FCC (here's mine on behalf of Y Combinator!)

SOPA 'em!

Just a couple years ago we were in a similar situation with SOPA/PIPA, but against all odds, we the people prevailed. And we shall again.


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I need a little more detail and how does this apply to me? I live I an area where we don't have any service except with phone company (centracom interactive) If you dont' subscribe to their service you have no internet and they provide cable TV also, without it we get no TV. I do have dish-network and am toying with the idea of using their internet service but have yet to subscribed. I this what you are talking about with free internet?
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