TheGuardian: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ape Glenn Beck with 'Rally to restore sanity'

Comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are about to attempt the impossible: satirising the rightwing TV personality Glenn Beck wth a "Rally to restore sanity" in Washington DC – inspired by a single headline on the social news website Reddit.

In an obvious poke at the stage-managed sanctimony of Beck's "Rally to restore America" earlier this month, Stewart and Colbert will hold duelling rallies on the National Mall on 30 October – just three days before the US congressional midterm elections.

What I really love about this article on how reddit inspired & created the Colbert/Stewart Rally is that it's written by Richard Adams of the Guardian, who was the first person in the mainstream press to ever write about reddit. You sir, rock.

I hope it's at least been a little interesting watching reddit grow over the last 5+ years.