University of Illinois Embraces Reddit

With universities understanding the value of social media, universities are equally competing with companies to establish their brand value on the internet. Almost all universities have embraced Twitter, Facebook and other social networks as a medium of communication to their community.

Today, in a newly launched homepage for University of Illinois at Chicago (, the home page directly links to a subreddit. And it does not stop with a link to the subreddit, a Reddit widget linking to the top 3 items from the subreddit has been listed as well. With UIC just launching this today, it will be interesting to watch how well the students and staff, would like to participate in this.

It should here be noted that Reddit is popular for its subreddits, which allow dedicated pages on specifically focused topics. This concept of subreddits is what makes this possible, unlike Digg which provides no opportunity for this and also removed all detailed subtopics in its site, creating a huge chaos of links. Reddit which has always been a close competitor to Digg in the social media news arena is slowly starting to take over the first place. Recently, Digg encountered a major debacle in trying to release a new platform supporting a new architecture and also a redesigned site. For almost two weeks, Digg has been in mostly unusable form and users have been steadily migrating to Reddit.

University-based-reddits are something I'd tried to push for a while, but leave it to some redditors to just go ahead and do it on their own. Well done. And on a related note: why haven't you done this yet, UVA? ;)

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Very cool of UIC. I'm really curious though how this will develop because dedicating home page space to anything on a university website is a big decision (and often fight), and the value of this is totally dependent on student, alumni, and other stakeholders' buy in. Again though, very cool of them.
Ah, good point. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during the pitch for reddit on the homepage :)
I can't imagine Reddit or whoever is championing it inside UIC would leave them without a larger strategy to leverage its inclusion, so I'm sure this will enjoy at the very minimum a modicum of success, but if it is somehow a hit, UIC will seem like a visionary user of social news/media/etc.