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hmm... Audio is a bit rough. You may need captions. Or an interactive ProTranscript ;)
Fantastic idea, Robyn. I can email intro you to Jon who ran the conference and could probably really use some text transcripts of all the talks! Just email me your 3-4 sentence pitch.
Are you guys still investing? Check out bizodo.com. Is there an email I can submit an exec summ too? Also, noticed you will be down in Miami; any chance we can meet up? je@bizodo.com
Sorry - I'm on hold at the moment. And I'm pretty swamped down here over the next 36hrs. Digging your mascot, though; all the best!
I thought you would like logo! If you have even 10 minutes I can meet you at venue to just pick your brain on our new B2B service but totally understand you are swamped. We are looking for board of advisors, not just investors so would love any feedback. Thanks for your consideration and response regardless. Jonathon

No worries.  I appreciate the response!  If you get a chance one day sign up for an account and give some feedback.  Enjoy Miami…<o:p></o:p>


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Does your company will be interested in loaning money for an overseas business restaurant and eventually here in the States.