What Makes @reddit Different? (according to @VioletBlue)

Social link sharing website Reddit isn’t like the other girls. Marketing blog Volter Creative did a roundup of the things Reddit has made news with over the past few years, and promptly decided that if Digg is going to rise out of its coffin yet again, then Reddit might be Buffy.

In a huge post titled Reddit’s Astonishing Altruism, we find out that when Condé Nast wanted to buy their very own version of MetaFilter or Slashdot, they sort of won the link sharing community lottery. Reddit’s voracious, sprawling community is just as full of the trolls and mob mentality as the other guys but something very different is at work here: Reddit mobilizes its forces for some pretty astonishing acts of giving.

Couldn't agree more, Violet Blue! I'm regularly reminded of what a special community reddit has - we've got some remarkable users.