Why is "WBF" the German name for "SCV"?

German is the funniest language I have ever learned. (Disclaimer: It is the only language other than english I have ever learned.) Further disclaimer, I don't even speak german very well, no doubt I'll make plenty of mistakes in this post.

Imagine a party game where you draw simple words out of a hat, and have to use only those words to communicate some complex idea to your teammates. Now you know how german works.

In this case, Space Construction Vehicle apparently translates to "Weltraumbaufahrzeug". Ok. But let's break that down, literally. (Nota Bene: I am not literally breaking it down, I am breaking it down literally.). Welt means "world", raum means "room" or "space". So space is "world-room". Well, duh. It's the room where the world is. I'm surprised you didn't just assume that. "Bau" is building or structure. Fahr is "conveyance" or "transport" or "moving thing" or something; it often appears to me to stand in for the abstract concept of movement through space. I've never been totally clear on what a "zeug" is, literally. My german dictionary says it means "stuff" or "gear".

So, let's put that together. In german, an SCV is, literally, a "world-room-building-go-thing".

Well put, emTel. It's funny because it's true. Oh, German...