Wow, @reddit helps redditor pay for his mom's funeral costs

A little while ago I posted this AMA about my mom.

And in this AMA I told you guys about our situation.

Here is her obituary:

My dad just wanted me to tell you thank you for all of your support! You guys pitched in to help a family in need that you didn't even know!

My dad wanted to show his appreciation by taking this AWESOME picture.

ASK ME ANYTHING about the whole process.

*Edit: Added the donation link because I got a few inquiries. My dad still has about $4000 left to pay, anything helps. . Thank you to all of those that donated, it means the world to me and my father right now.

** The donations keep rolling in! THANK YOU SO MUCH REDDIT! My dad cried on the phone when I told him about the outpouring of support from a website of strangers that he has never and will probably never meet. You guys are amazing. I'm overwhelmed with joy!

I still can't believe that the donations keep coming! 9:05 pm est. Thank you.

***It's 7:30 am September 23rd. I am overwhelmed by the support that Reddit has given our family. The donations are still coming! I can't wait to tell my dad and to see the expression on his face today! I think my eyes just sprung a leak. All I can say is WOW and thank you so much!

    Seriously, I could write a blog entry a week about awesome random acts performed by the reddit community. Mainstream media, feel free to cover this stuff for a warm & fuzzy story about the Internet...