Yep. @Dharmesh of @HubSpot Building a Tweetdeck Killer

“I want priority inbox for my Twitter stream,” said Shah, calling the process of trying to set up the perfect arrangement of columns in Tweetdeck a “poor man’s prioritization algorithm.”

The idea is to filter updates and mentions by their importance, including things like the credibility of the source (judged by SEO rank).

And, like Tweetdeck, SocialInbox isn’t just about Twitter. In fact, Shah’s goal is to create the single best 3rd party LinkedIn app in existence.

Shah showed the audience how SocialInbox could recommend 2nd degree connections on LinkedIn, and suggested that the system could eventually learn which of your contacts you actually know well enough to ask for an intro and then improve recommendations even further.

Score. I'm waiting with bated breath to replace that broken app....