'You Are the Hero the Internet Needs' - @Mashable covers my #PDF12 talk

For Ohanian, every Internet user has some slice of the digital pie they want to protect — a WordPress blog, a Tumblr page, a Twitter account — that should inspire them to join the League.

“We look to all our Batmen and Batwomen out there because we all have our communities that we care about, we all have our own Gothams,” said Ohanian. “We have lots of people that care about their individual communities and will protect them. Every Facebook page I see is a potential Batman or Batwoman.”

Even with SOPA gone, Ohanian said it’s “not a time to say ‘mission accomplished.’” So what does he want these Batmen and Batwomen of the Internet to do? Get active and spread knowledge.

“It’s time to gear up. Have those kind of dinner table and water cooler discussions that have always been so powerful,” said Ohanian. “This is an incredible opportunity. All of those discussions you have with friends and family now move faster than ever before because of the power of the Internet.”

More information on the Internet Defense League here!