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I had some fun reminiscing about reddit (and even before reddit, during those awkward high school years and library-entrenched college years) with Jared Tame. Check out this PDF for full interviews with 33 startups (22 of which are Y Combinator).

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Hey, reading your interview now. I'm going to Singapore next month, and I got extremely curious about the technopreneurship forums in Singapore you are mentioning:

Would you mind sharing a bit more about those? :)

Thanks, and great interview btw!

I was invited to compete with a handful of other University of Virginia students at a "Universitas 21" technopreneurship forum in Singapore in summer 04. Wish I had more details, but I bet they're still doing it. The conference itself wasn't all that helpful, frankly, especially compared to what one can learn from a week on Hacker News and PG essays, but it was where I pitched our idea to someone other than my parents (my professor) and he thought it was worth trying. A pivotal decision indeed :)
Thanks, I'll check that out, perhaps there are also related and more exclusive in terms of knowledge sharing events scheduled in Singapore

Hehe, I wish to everyone such a figure as an encouraging professor in their lives!