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24 Hours in Armenia

24 Hours in Armenia

Wow. Amazing, whirlwind trip!

I just returned from 24 hours, literally, in Armenia. We landed at 4am, spent the day traveling from meeting to meeting, then left at 4am that night. It was my fifth trip back to the homeland.

I was invited to meet Prime Minister Pashinyan and shared my vision for Initialized Capital; what we see working in startup communities worldwide; and what it will take for Armenia to make the most of all the brainpower in the nation.

I told him I've never been more proud to be Armenian since the Velvet Revolution and his administration's work to curb corruption; drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Armenia; and unite our community worldwide. This is what great executive leadership looks like.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have my support. 🇦🇲🇺🇸

There's a lot our nations can learn from one another.

Celebrating my First Father's Day

Celebrating my First Father's Day