[BootsnAll] 5 Things Travelers Should Care About from #PhoCusWright

... search got a fun injection with Hipmunk (have you ever seen a cuter logo?). Though they took a lot of sniping from other industry bigwigs (Hafner said the idea was unremarkable and that he hoped they didn’t end up as road kill), we loved their new-to-us way of organizing flight search results.

We're thrilled with the response from PhoCusWright attendees! And also quite pleased BootsnAll is a fan of our chipmunk :) Thanks, guys.

30 seconds of me and my 'stache pitching @thehipmunk at Web 2.0 Summit 2010

Brace yourself. [Click here to jump ahead to the 3min58s mark when hipmunk takes the stage]

This was the first time I've ever been invited to speak at Web 2.0 Summit, but thankfully the hipmunk pulled it off and while Steve & Adam were impressing people at the PhoCusWright Conference, I got to scare people with my fundraising mustache. (Thanks everyone, we're up to almost $650!)

Jay-Z on how crack changed the authority figures in neighborhoods

On How Crack Changed The Marcy Projects In The Mid-'80s

"They have a saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child.' It changed the authority figure. Crack cocaine was done so openly, and the people who were addicted to it, the fiends, had very little self-respect. It was so highly addictive that they didn't care how they obtained it and they carried that out in front of children, who were dealing at the time. So the relationship of that respect, 'I have to respect my elders' ... that dynamic shifted and it broke forever. It just changed everything from that point on.

"I was very aware of the dangers involved because there were people dying [and] there were people going to jail and it wasn't a one-off. It wasn't an occurrence where everyone was shocked. It wouldn't be a shock like, 'How could that happen in this neighborhood?' It was really a weekly or monthly occurrence."

via npr.org

Here we see the less obvious, but no less important, of the deleterious effects of crack cocaine on communities. This has been a great book tour, Jay-Z...

What Makes @reddit Different? (according to @VioletBlue)

Social link sharing website Reddit isn’t like the other girls. Marketing blog Volter Creative did a roundup of the things Reddit has made news with over the past few years, and promptly decided that if Digg is going to rise out of its coffin yet again, then Reddit might be Buffy.

In a huge post titled Reddit’s Astonishing Altruism, we find out that when Condé Nast wanted to buy their very own version of MetaFilter or Slashdot, they sort of won the link sharing community lottery. Reddit’s voracious, sprawling community is just as full of the trolls and mob mentality as the other guys but something very different is at work here: Reddit mobilizes its forces for some pretty astonishing acts of giving.

Couldn't agree more, Violet Blue! I'm regularly reminded of what a special community reddit has - we've got some remarkable users.

Kayak CEO on Hipmunk: "I find their bravado refreshing; their product unremarkable."

So perhaps delegates here were expecting CEO Steve Hafner to give away some insight around Kayak’s decision to IPO this morning.

kayak homepage

A purdah exists around IPOs, although curiously he was still happy to talk freely about growth plans and an acquisition strategy in the future.

Instead, alongside the usual array of put-downs (on Hipmunk: “I find their bravado refreshing; their product unremarkable”) and funnies (on what one thing he would love do: “I *really* can’t tell you that”), Hafner offered a some detail about his opposition to the Google-ITA Software deal and a few nuggets of news.


[TechCrunch] Hipmunk Lands A Big Acorn: ITA (And Soon Google?) Will Help Power Their Airfare Results

Hipmunk exists to disrupt the flight search experience online. Obviously, the key to this is to have the best and the most results. The Hipmunk results have already been solid. But they’re about to get better thanks to a key partnership.

Announced today at the PhoCusWright conference, Hipmunk has signed an agreement to use ITA Sofware to help power their airfare results. Specifically, they’ll use ITA’s QPX product to look up airfare pricing. Those results, combined with Hipmunk’s tech, should make the service even better.

Hipmunk is one of the companies trying to change the poor experience of setting up travel online. It’s awful.

Sounds like Adam & Steve had a productive PhoCusWright Conference presentation :) I hope my mustache and I represented hipmunk well here in SF at the Web 2.0 Summit.