Reddit Celebrates Stewart and Colbert's Rallies the Only Way They Know How

From The CC Insider

A couple weeks ago, a campaign began on Reddit to convince Stephen Colbert to hold a rally in Washington DC. As you know, last night, Stephen and Jon Stewart announced not one, but two rallies to be held in our nation's capital on October 30. Naturally, the gang at Reddit are giddy over the news. So much so that they're featuring the above logos on the site today.

As I understand it, this is what having a pregnant looks like.

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The folks at Comedy Central must be so confused right now...

Time really loves this reddit/Stewart-Colbert Rally story (and who can blame them?)

But (and NewsFeed doesn't often fancy ourselves Cassandras but it's a lazy Friday afternoon) we like to hope there could be some short-term cultural implications to the rally. For one thing, perhaps it could bring thoughtfulness back — and not lazy fake hipster thoughtfulness, but actual considered and considerate debate. And maybe, the sense of occasion will shock Stewart out of his last crutch, the "hey, but I'm only a comedian!" excuse that he sometimes falls back on in the middle of spirited discussion to avoid dealing with thorny questions.

Or maybe, the event will just be a way of thanking people who raised a lot of money for charity. Who knows?

Let's hear it for not being about "lazy fake hipster thoughtfulness."

PanArmenian gives TEDx Yerevan a shoutout

After a thorough selection process, the organizing team has come up with the final list of the speakers for TEDx Yerevan to be held on September 25.

According to the event official website, co-founder of popular site and founder of Breadpig social enterprise Alexis Ohanian, famous designer Michael Aram, globetrotter and pilgrim Hrair Hawk Khatcherian, CEO of Synopsys Armenia Rich Goldman, founder of TNS Magasin Siemon Scamell-Katz and others will make presentations in Yerevan.

Hope to see you there! Check for the details.

CNBC covers @Swagapalooza (note to self: reporters like bacon, too)

Swag for the taking at Thursday's event included WakeMate, a personal wristband that tracks sleep cycles, and bottles of “Bacon Hot Sauce,” because, as Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced in opening remarks, “the Internet loves bacon.”

But earnestly doling out free stuff didn’t exactly mean surefire success for some of the brands pitching at Swagapalooza.

“The interesting thing about Swagapalooza is that not every product gets good buzz,” said Krupp. “Which is the way it should be...the best ones will succeed.”

Great job, Alex! Thanks again for having me keynote.

David Pogue asks: Are You Hip to Hipmunk?

He was snapped up by M.I.T., from which he just graduated. He interned at Apple, and — well, nevermind. This is all just a way of saying that the kid is a genius, that I’m thrilled to have known him when he was a nobody, and that I have a major conflict of interest in writing about his new project (with a Reddit founder, Steve Huffman): it is

So, I hope you've tried Hipmunk by now :)