Khor Virap

This picturesque monastery was the setting for one of the requisite stories of Armenia. St. Gregory the Illuminator spent over a decade here -- in an underground cell. Upon his release in 301 AD (and subsequent curing of King Trdat III), Armenia became the first Christian nation in the world.

Ararat at 70mph

At least I think that's how fast we were going (based on the kmh conversion I estimated). You can tell we're big fans of this mountain over here. Its supposedly where Noah's Ark landed; the only thing we know for sure is on it are some military bases. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful sight to behold (I'm told this feeling hardly wanes even when you've lived here for decades).

Fresh & Delicious!

No need to check for "locally grown" on the labels in Armenia. Not just because there usually aren't labels, but because there's a good chance you're speaking with the man/woman who grew and/or prepared what you're buying.