Apples for sale (not iPads)

Didn't get a chance to buy any, but the apples in Gyumri were tasty. Fun fact: they're nature's toothbrush - if you're stuck without one and need a 'clean,' reach for an apple to do a pretty good job until you get some proper dental tools.

Reddit logo doodle flashback (Alien Vs. Predditor)

A recent top-scoring submission to /r/pics reminded me of my favorite logo series I ever doodled on reddit. I was an obsessive Aliens fan growing up - reading all of their Dark Horse published novels, collecting the action figures, and wearing out the VHS tapes of the Alien Trilogy (and boy was I looking forward to Resurrection... sigh.).  I'm not sure how I got the idea to finally include them in the reddit logo doodles (taking a page from google, I'd change the logo regularly to commemorate everything from holidays to absolutely random things) but I loved every minute of it.

Available for the first time are some higher-rez versions of each logo (300px by 100px) and the original vector artwork.

Khor Virap

This picturesque monastery was the setting for one of the requisite stories of Armenia. St. Gregory the Illuminator spent over a decade here -- in an underground cell. Upon his release in 301 AD (and subsequent curing of King Trdat III), Armenia became the first Christian nation in the world.

Ararat at 70mph

At least I think that's how fast we were going (based on the kmh conversion I estimated). You can tell we're big fans of this mountain over here. Its supposedly where Noah's Ark landed; the only thing we know for sure is on it are some military bases. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful sight to behold (I'm told this feeling hardly wanes even when you've lived here for decades).