Avast! Pirate pup wants yer cuddles

Breadpig made another visit to the SF SPCA to plan how we'll spend our latest donation and couldn't resist stopping in to see some puppies.  Here's the one who stole our heart. His name is Sage and he arrived with some severe trauma to his right eye and had to lose it.  But he doesn't show any sign of it affecting him and was a fountain of kisses. At the time of this post, he's still available for adoption. And if I weren't leaving the country for three months, I think I might be taking him, as my new dog, for a walk right now.


I'm going to run some ads on reddit for non-profits redditors and my twitter posse have suggested that will do a small bit to help this massive disaster. There's a great list by my pal Chris Sacca on his blog.

And for what little it's worth, I changed the reddit logo for Haiti today.

Seven sacred pools of Hana

There's actually more than seven and the name itself is just a marketing ploy. Someone thought it was sexier for tourists than ʻOheʻo Gulch, but whatever you call them, they're quite lovely (and well situated for a swim).