Seahorses at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Beautiful creatures. This leafy sea dragon pranced around like it new it was stunning. Also learned that sleeping sea horses look dead, but they're not! There's even some signage to assuage horrified children and adults alike.

Hong Kong has tasty, exploding buns

Advertisements like this are quite compelling. I had no choice but to sit down for a hot milk tea and bun. The results were pleasant, but far less explosive. One of the managers was quite interested in my kindle, though, which made for a rousing discussion that ended with a resigned "well, some Chinese company will probably have a thinner, cheaper version in the next year, anyway."

Macau: You'll always be more than a "special administrative region of China" to me

Even if U.S. Customs took away the contraband (famous Macau beef & pork jerky) I was bringing back for team reddit, I still have fond memories of your charmingly derelict Portuguese relics juxtaposed with modern casinos and sin-dustry.  Oh, and that roulette-like game with the 3 dice instead of a wheel - I won HK$200 from that (don't bother doing the conversion to USD, it'll just look even less impressive).

the end of this blog & where to find updates from now on

I've already re-purposed redditAll for a radical new way to read the reddit front page.

So if you'd like to keep up with me, follow me on twitter (@kn0thing). And if you're jonesin' for a blog to read, I'll be posting fairly regularly on breadpig (now my full-time startup, of sorts) and my personal blog.

Thanks for following me on this startup journey. It's hard to believe I started this back in 2005 when starting reddit. Below is a TED Talk I gave in 2009, thanks to reddit; this pretty much made my year.

Everything I've accomplished so far has probably in some way been because of you, reader -- be it reddit, breadpig, or my accomplishments with the railgun in Quake II. Thank you.

Unless you've never heard of me before. In that case, please take all the credit for any of my future accomplishments. Deal?