huffit... really?

I thought they were kidding. Maybe it was some kind of new NYC fad -- you know, a new coke thing that'll get you even more blasted, but still get your a lighter jail sentence than the crackhead. Fancy that.

But no, it's a new social news site from the folks over at the HuffingtonPost. Admittedly, reddit has been assaulting the English language for almost two years now. But there's something about reading the "most huffed news" that makes me giggle.

Anyway, it's great to see more sites trying this format of finding and sharing new and interesting links. I just wish they hadn't called it "huffit".

From the About section:
Register or sign in below to start huffing!

Think of the children. Please.

And for those of you who think I'm just jealous because they named it after my fellow cofounder, Steve Huffman -- you're wrong.

Incidentally, if you're looking to create your own social news site, Ohanit and are both available. Just a thought.

I finally got around to finding a shorter domain for this blog. The header is now emphasizing the "reddit all" part, as well as featuring a brilliant starburst to remind you that you've arrived at dot-com. And that I am indeed a sellout.

Some of you have also expressed concerns regarding this week's logos. If you're worried about what's been happening to our mascot, just be thankful we haven't recruited the London 2012 Olympics logo designers...

more [potential] wired propaganda

I'm afraid this one might be a bit too esoteric, since only a select few of our luckiest users have seen our 500 error. (And those who have will be quick to point out that the one pictured below isn't quite the one we've got running right now. +8 points for you, now stop hurting reddit.)

dear rita

As much as I want to believe you're just a simple Russian girl from Cheboksary, deep down I know there's something more to you. Don't doubt for a second that you're not long brave to have written me -- even if an exact duplicate was sent 24 hours later. Like any man, I have serious attitudes in the future for creations of family. It's my duty as an American.

I'm happy to hear about your best girlfriend, she sounds like a lucky gal. It troubles me to hear that her happiness has pushed you to find itself of the satellite. Space is no place to look for love.

I suspect that you will have more luck on the Internet, but perhaps you shouldn't cast such a wide net -- so to speak. I don't mean to offend you, I just think you could afford to be a bit more... picky. You hardly know anything about me and already you address me as your new friend.

This isn't the first time you've done this, is it?

I'm worried about you, Rita. Do take care.


(my reply to the following email, posted in it's entirety)

I hope I'm not screwing with the mob and will end up with a hearty dose of radioactive poison in my gut.

Hi the new friend!!!
I saw your announcement on a site in the Internet. There there were many good people. I do not know why I have written to you, probably something inside has prompted me to do it.
I already during long time wanted to find to me directly people, but not from Russia. As in Russia very many bad people and are very difficult to find such person, which will serve me as a fine half.

My best girlfriend has found to itself through Internet good people.
Which has invited her in the country, and now they live together 2 months.

It also has pushed to find me to itself of the satellite .
Though I also do not believe life in it, that it is possible to find love through.
The Internet I should hope for it up to the last.

Now it - is slightly about me:
My name - Rita.
I the simple Russian girl who search for a basis
the person from abroad for serious attitudes in the future for
creations of family.
I live the Russian city Cheboksary. It - very beautiful city
In which I live.
I am long brave to write to you and have written in hope which you will write also to me
I hope for it, and I shall look forward to hearing from you.
P.S. If I though have slightly interested you, please write to me the answer
On mine E-mail:
I shall hope, and I shall wait, that you nevertheless will answer it soon. Please try to send your message on email. As I was very bad to use the Internet.
I shall send the image in the following letter. With hope your new familiar Rita.

reddit goes west

We're in Kal-ee-for-nya (according to my mother) until a red-eye flight takes us back to Logan on Friday night. One thing worth noting: Avis will not only rent to the under 25 crowd, they'll also offer you a Mustang upgrade for only $3 a day. We had to choose between a Chevy Cobalt and a 2005 Mustang hardtop.

Maybe we should have gotten that optional insurance policy...

lunch, an excuse to go outdoors

You begin to need reasons to leave the apartment. Yesterday, lunch was it. We had a meeting scheduled and it was up to us to choose the location, so the Au Bon Pain at Harvard Sq. seemed to be an appropriate choice. Ever since our first night in Cambridge, this hulking cafe has been a landmark etched into our heads and butchered by our tongues. "Oh yeah, the uh-buh-pah, it's right next to the Harvard T-stop."

We set out for the cafe a good 10 minutes earlier than we probably needed to (but better early than late for these sorts of things, right?). This was a pretty tame "fall" day in Cambridge, mind you, so it was cold and only lightly raining. I hesitate to even call it "fall," given that I have seen little evidence to show that this region of the U.S. even experiences what we in the Mid-Atlantic would refer to as "fall" (or autumn, in some circles). It seemed like over the course of a week, the weather went from sweltering to frigid and dreary. This, I was later told, was the transition from summer to winter.

But back to lunch, one crucial mistake was that we had no idea who to look for, nor had we given him any description of what we looked like. We were just the two awkward guys standing outside in the drizzle. There are only so many ways to play off this all-too-typical exchange:

"Hey, we're Steve and Alexis from reddit."


"Reddit? What? Who are you? What do you want from me?"

We did eventually find who we were looking for and we even got treated to lunch. It’s nice to get a meal every now and then that hasn’t already been pre-prepared-cooked-and-packaged.

You might be startup-founder if you consider adding milk to cereal an act of “food preparation.” Many don’t even put in that much effort.

polyphasic sleep: a groggy journey toward higher productivity

You never feel like you're being quite productive enough, so something that promises only 2-3hrs. a day of sleep seems like a really great idea. Steve found this link on reddit a day ago and got the idea to make the switch. Apparently, da Vinci, Edison, and Jefferson practiced this method with great success -- we've set our bars much lower.

The nocturnal lifestyle is already a natural part of our existence, so it wasn't a very hard sell, especially if it would mean more productivity (and ultimately, more time for WoW). Our new sleeping schedule would replace the "monophasic" sleep of mere mortals with 6 power naps spread throughout the day at 4 hour intervals.

Needless to say, there is typical about a week or so of intense psychological stress and fatigue as you punish your brain into believing that it only needs these small chunks of rest. We didn't even make it long enough to hallucinate. This morning, only 3 naps into our lifestyle change, our roommate found us slumped on our respective keyboards.

Biological need for sleep: 1
Steve & Alexis: 0

how we got here, where we're going

It all started this past March with a talk aptly entitled "How to Start a Startup" being given at Harvard by Paul Graham. An application and a series of interviews later, we were fortunate enough to be admitted to Y Combinator's Summer Founders Program. A few months have passed and it looks like Steve (spez) and I (kn0thing) can keep living this dream for about another year (notwithstanding a sudden increase in the cost of frozen pizzas). If you're interested in the inner workings of startup life -- or you're my mom, and are wondering what your son is doing with his life -- hopefully we can provide you with some insight, or at the very least, entertainment.