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Pair is arriving as many of us are looking to use the Web and our phones much as we always have, but outside of the very public arenas of the social Web. It’s a natural evolution of social networking, especially as Facebook and Twitter have swelled.

The combination of privacy and intimate sharing has never looked so good — provided that it can be achieved. A handful of start-ups are appealing to users who may be tired of the social spotlight but still enjoy the whimsy of apps.

“We’ve spent the last decade struggling with this,” said Andrea Matwyshyn, an assistant professor of legal studies and business ethics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “Companies are trying to figure out the relationship of privacy to users while also trying to provide personalization and customization of their services.”

Pair has certainly been a boon for my relationship. And I just happened to use kicksend for sharing graduation photos with my sister. #proudinvestor

Though I'm not an investor in DuckDuckGo, I'm a proud user!

Mascots on all the things! @BW @MarkMilian

For Ohanian, who designed Hipmunk’s logo and ran the company’s marketing for about a year, the swoosh is nothing to aspire to. Four years before his work with Hipmunk, Ohanian created Reddit, the social-news website, and the signature alien that is still the site’s logo today. After Ohanian invested in a crowd-fundraising site called Crowdtilt, the company asked him to design an animal mascot. Ohanian’s design methodology: “Give people something to love,” he said.

Who's with me?

Much deserved rave review of @Quarterly Co. Branding & Packaging #MSPL

The packaging, through the utilisation of uncoated material textures, graphic design and sticker, tape and stamped print treatments, really enhances the service experience and captures the passion and enthusiasm Quarterly has for unique, well designed products and the creativity of its contributors. The depth and illustrative detailing of the box tape is a real highlight that confidently juxtaposes the simplicity of the visual identity through an interesting, on-trend union of type styles, line weights and iconography bound together under a postal theme and set against the unbleached brown of the substrate. The stickers add further texture, sense of personalised quality and a contemporary red highlight that lifts the predominantly black and white colour palette.

The result is both practical, retrospective and engaging, suitably enhancing and reflecting the positive experience of receiving mailed products, building brand enthusiasm and effortlessly communicates the concept of craft and delivery.

Every bit matters, down to the delivery box, says this proud investor. Also part of why I invested in CraftCoffee.