How the Professor Who Fooled @Wikipedia Got Caught by @reddit via @TheAtlantic

But it took just twenty-six minutes for a redditor to call foul, noting the Wikipedia entries' recent vintage. Others were quick to pile on, deconstructing the entire tale. The faded newspaper pages looked artificially aged. The Wikipedia articles had been posted and edited by a small group of new users. Finding documents in an old steamer trunk sounded too convenient. And why had Lisa been savvy enough to ask Reddit, but not enough to Google the names and find the Wikipedia entries on her own? The hoax took months to plan but just minutes to fail.

Splendid! Upvotes for skepticism.

Finally finished reading: Say Hello to Your New Brain on @Evernote, @Inc Company of the Year

No wonder the Silicon Valley crowd loves it—these are people who grew up navigating constant multiple streams of information. "So many things are happening in life that make me end up with more data," says early Evernote devotee Jason Freedman, who co-founded FlightCaster, a Web-based travel-information service, and recently launched an online real estate start-up, 42Floors. "Evernote is the technology version of what the Container Store does for my bedroom," he says. "It's a simple solution that brings sanity to the situation."


With soundbyte from a portfolio company CEO, Jason Freedman of 42 floors!

Bootstrapped no more. @Behance shows off your creative talent #proudinvestor

Creative work portfolio-building startup Behance has grabbed $6.5 million in its first round of funding.

Behance is a marketplace for creatives — artists, graphic designers, web designers, writers, and the like — to showcase their work for companies that are looking for talent. Anyone can create a portfolio to show off their work on the site. The company also helps creative professionals promote their work and manage the responses they get from potential employers, like a LinkedIn for artists.

After watching the Behance team build something people love without any funding, I'm thrilled to be part of the investor team helping this great NY startup turn the volume up to 11.

The rap pack and their genius website - @RapGenius in Canada's biggest newspaper, eh!

If you’re close-reading a text, no matter what the text is, you’re automatically doing a more intellectual exercise than if writing generalizations about the King James Bible,” Moghadam says via Skype from his home in Malibu. “Rap Genius is just a way to introduce people to close reading. And once you get on it, you get hooked.

Close-reading is for everyone! Music is art, which is open to interpretation. Lyrics mean different things to different people -- including the artists who originally wrote them, who are now getting the chance to discuss them with fans for the first time.

Fan-tastic! @IamExec Goes Out To The Ball Game, Will Deliver Hot Dogs And Stuff To Lazy Giants Fans

The AT&T Park campaign is the latest stunt by the Exec team to test out different scenarios and use cases, and to get users more familiar with the app. According to founder Justin Kan, the biggest hurdle isn’t getting downloads and installs of the new app — it’s getting those who have downloaded to use Exec for the first time. So educating users on practical applications of the app, and showing them how easy it is to use, will be tantamount to the future success of the service.

See what I did there? Great promotional idea, Justin & team. #proudinvestor

Q&A Lunch with Darrel Issa

I asked reddit for guidance on how to make the most of this lunch, as usual, /r/Askreddit didn't disappoint.

Representative Issa responded to questions I asked during lunch in the comments of that thread:

Question #1: "Why are we in such a rush to force these bills through? Why aren't we sitting down with committees of experts who truly understand all aspects of these issues, and actually putting together a bill we could all feel good about? There must be some very clear, specific language that could give us the power to secure us against cyber security threats, without leaving massive holes in the language that leave our citizens privacy and rights in jeopardy. Everyone ought to be on board with doing this the right way."


Question #2: "What do you think is good about CISPA? Please tell us all the good things, then tell us what you think are good about them. That way, we can try to understand why our representatives are in favor of it--for reasons other than corporate campaign contributions."


Question #3: "What affect would CISPA have on the White Hat community?"