On "overnight success story" @pebblewatch

"It's definitely one of those four-year/overnight success stories," Allerta founder Eric Migicovsky explains to Fast Company. (Ah, yes, the dirty little secret of overnight success.) "We've been working on smartwatches for years--I think they key was iteration. It's a very personal device, as people wear a watch and it's constantly in contact with them. You wear it to bed, you wear it when you're eating and when you're working." Thus design was absolutely key to Pebble, and Migicovsky complimented his indistrial designer Steve Johns, who "spent a lot of time looking at what people wear on their wrists, and how we could make something that could be customizable, and beautiful and small and sleek."

Truth. Very proud of this Y Combinator company sticking it out and building something people love. I very much remember the day they interviewed!

Meteor: a recipe for the perfect project launch

If you’re hacking on a project which you think will be the next best thing, and getting traction and more people involved is important to you, I urge you to take a couple of leaves from Meteor’s book. You must have your killer feature in place before anyone’s going to take notice, but as little of the rest that you can actually get away with. When you’re ready, make sure you have the documentation, examples, screencasts in place and make it blindingly simple to get startet. Next, tell the world!

Haven't seen a Hacker News launch like this in some time...

The Heights (@BostonCollege paper) writes up my latest talk

The presentation came full circle as Ohanian returned again to the power of Internet startups. Giving advice for the young entrepreneurs in attendance, Ohanian stressed one concept: giving a damn. “Everything comes down to giving a damn,” he said. “You can really build something that people love. This new economy that’s being created is one that is awe-inspiring. Do it all like you give a damn.”

Thank you, BC! And please remember to give me all of the credit when you go out and rock the 'net with your big ideas ;)

How Slated Remakes Indie Film Finance (h/t @katmanalac)

Aren’t you guys connecting people who would be rubbing shoulders at Sundance or Tribeca anyway? What’s the value added?

SP: I’ve been a film producer about eight years now, and even the most established independent film producers say it’s a miracle getting any movie made. That always stumped me. I don’t think it should be a miracle for a film to get made. But it is. It’s a very inefficient industry. People are constantly navigating from project to project; they constantly need to find talent, and talent is busy or drops out; they need to chase after financing. You can be Darren Aronofsky making Black Swan, a film that wins awards, but it took 12 years to put that film together. Everybody is saying we need a new solution to communicate and get things financed more easily.

Hi, Hollywood. Meet a glimpse of the future.