The @JustinKan on The Rat Race of Tech

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do a startup and strive to grow something big, amazing and self-sustaining. If it sounds like a challenge, then go for it, even though it will be hard and probably make you very unhappy at times. Don’t do it because you expect that there is something magical waiting for you at the other end, some state of nirvana for the rich and successful; there is always something next to attain. The journey is its own reward; if it isn’t, you’re on the wrong path.

Truth. Remember: You've got zero lives remaining.

What's That Rhyme Mean? Just Ask The Rapper - @rapgenius on @buzzfeed

Nas was the first rapper to get a verified account. And Nas, as it happens, does know exactly what he's doing. His first explanations are a masterclass in talking about meaning without damaging it. Nas is with Barthes; that is to say, he seems to believe that once you create art, it's not yours to define. Once you've set it free it belongs to your audience, not you.

Keep it coming, guys. #ProudInvestor

Such an awesome April Fools' Day project - @Mashable reports on @reddit time machine

Flash back to the final week of March: Reddit programmer Max Goodman and engineer Logan Hanks are furiously tinkering with code and “never-seen-before time travel technology” to build a standout April Fools’ Day project.

In a flourish of creative software coding, the duo hatched Reddit Timeline, a homepage module that directed users to pages for specific time periods — past and future — such as the Big Bang, 1990s and the Heat Death of the Universe.

It really was masterfully done, gents. Bravo.