Why we @breadpig

This weekend, I couldn't help but go through the photos from our October journey through Asia. Christina traveled to our donation sites in Nepal, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, spending four weeks total -- read about it.

I was only in Laos for a week with her, but it did give us a chance to visit the first xkcd school. The girl looking at you is one of many who are affected by the extensive work Room to Read does not only to increase literacy and local-language publishing, but also to educate girls.

We met nearly the entire village there in rural Laos, all of whom were visibly proud of the school their children were learning in. And they had every reason to -- they built it (both literally and figuratively, with money raised locally). We call it the 'xkcd school' because it's easier to explain to all of you, dear reader, but make no mistake, it's their school.

We wouldn't want it any other way.

Thanks to all of you who've bought a copy of xkcd: volume 0 or even told someone about it (we had a big pre-X-mas surge that sent it to #189 on Amazon!). Your geekiness is indeed making the world suck a little less. Breadpig couldn't do it without you.